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LDTN type condensate pump

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LDTN type condensate pump

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N-type condensate pump is used for thermal power plants and other similar transport condensate condensate, other liquids. The pump has a better inhalation performance. 100N130 and 150N1 10 pump can deliver120 ℃or less liquid, the other pumping the liquid temperature can not exceed80 ℃. 100N130 and 150N1 10 pump body and at packing gland can be done at the Walter drain pump cooling water use.

Performance range:

     Flow rate Q = 8 ~120m. / H

Head H = 38 ~143m


Pumps are horizontal, single or multi-stage, cantilever and with a variety of structural forms inducer. 3N6, 4N6, 4N6Aand 100N130 single-stage pump for the condensate pump 2 5N3 × 2,3 N6 x2 and 4N6 × 2-type pumps two condensate pumps. 6N6 and 150N110-type pump with a single-stage-induced condensation pump. Pump soft packing seal, shaft seal with the sleeve can be replaced.


Pump soft packing seal, shaft seal with the sleeve can be replaced


Pump driven by motor through flexible coupling. Direction from the drive, the pump is rotated counterclockwise.


Cast iron pump body pump cover

Cast iron pump body seal ring sleeve

Silicon brass impeller (6N6 for the Al-Fe bronze

Inducer Al-Fe bronze

High-quality carbon steel shaft

LDTN type condensate pump

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