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LDTN type condensate pump

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LDTN type condensate pump

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LDTN with LDTNA and LDTNB type condensate pump for conveying fire (nuclear) power plant condenser condensate can also be used to install the base surface NPSH or restricted chemical process similar physical and chemical properties of water in the transmission medium.

Performance range:

Flow rate Q: 85 ~ 1940m. / H

     Head H :48-360m

     Medium temperature t at room temperature to 80% (special requirements can be achieved 120l ℃)


     LDTN LDTNA and LDTNB pump cylinder bag for the vertical structure of multi-level, eight suction pumps are located in the interface with the spit and spit out the seat tube, the two can do 180.90. And other multi-angle deflection, a closed impeller, single-suction first-stage impeller, double suction two forms. Axial force balance in two forms, an axial force from the motor, an axial force balance by the pump itself.


Pumps are equipped with multiple water lubricated bearings, rotor radial force to bear. LDTN (AB) 13 P-type pump has a balance on drums plus one pair of angular contact ball bearings to balance the axial force, the other motor thrust bearing axial force.


Asked the internal pump rotor shaft coupling with a cylindrical ring-type connection, the pump rotor and motor shaft connected in two ways: Motor axial force. Rigid coupling with flange connection; pump itself balance the axial force, connected with a flexible coupling.


 For soft packing seal + seal can also special order designed mechanical seal.

Transmitted to:

 Overlooking the counterclockwise rotation.

Auxiliary water system: Seal water: seal need for external sealing water. Water quality of condensate. Of water, o 3 ~ o 5m. / H, pressure of 0 2 ~ o 4MPa, water temperature not greater than 38%. Cooling Water: Water for the softening of industrial water treatment. Temperature not greater than 38 ~ (3 pump bearings need for external cooling water, water, 0 5mS / h. Pressure is 0 3MPa: 560kW motor with bearings cooler than, need for external cooling water, water - 12m. / h pressure of 01 ~ 02. 

LDTN type condensate pump

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