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DY, DYP-type multi-stage centrifugal pump

DY, DYP-type multi-stage centrifugal pump


DY, DYP-type multi-stage centrifugal pump for delivery of solid particles of petroleum products, petrochemical processes and other chemical industrial products, can also be used for boiler feed water.

Is the transmission medium temperature range: (T) =- 45 - +200 ℃

Performance range of flow rate (Q): 8.4 -350m3/ h

                 Head (H): 400 -1560m

Product Features:

                 1 hydraulic model using the latest high at home and abroad, high efficiency, cavitation performance.

                 (2) noise and vibration, safe and reliable operation.

                 3 installation and maintenance.

                 4 fully furnished, good controllability.

                 5 manufacturing of high precision, the main pressure parts for the forging of stainless steel or carbon steel.

  Brief introduction of structure:

    1. DY type is horizontal, single-shell, radially split multistage centrifugal pump, inlet, outlet flanges are vertical upward, horizontal center line

         Support: DYP pump suction inlet is horizontal, horizontal outlet can also be vertical, foot support.

     2 impeller, balancing drums, bushings, etc. in turn mounted on the shaft, rotor components made by the both ends of the bearing radial and axial spacing.

     3 by the double-balanced drum axial force balance, the residual axial force from the thrust bearing to withstand.

     4 with the wear bar to inhale, middle, spit connected into one segment.

     5 bearings sliding bearings, thrust bearings angular contact ball bearings or thrust bearings Mitchell.

     6 using self-lubricating bearing lubrication (oil ring) or forced lubrication.

     7 static metal sealing surface sealing, wound pad seals and "O" ring seal.

     8 dynamic seal for mechanical seal, wash rinse cycle way from, outside tap and rinse washing three ways.

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