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DM, TDM, TDMG decoking pump high-pressure

DM, TDM, TDMG decoking pump high-pressure


Product Overview:

         DM, TDM,TDMG,DC, DCT-type high-pressure pump is mainly used in addition to coke refineries, steel mills for decoking, descaling devices used, can be used for oil field water injection and other similar purposes. The transmission medium temperature does not exceed80 ℃, coke powder, phosphorus impurities powder particle size should be less than3.5mm, content of less than 3000PPm.

Performance range:

                  Flow rate (Q): 80-400m3/ h

                  Head (H): 800-2200m(TDMG maximum lift up to 3300)


         DM-type pump is a single-stage multi-stage centrifugal pump casing section. Section of the pump suction, spit, middle connection with the wear bar into one, using a combination of various pieces of metal between the static face and "O" ring seal combination. Thermal loading on the impeller shaft in order to increase the rigidity of the rotor. TDM, TDMG double casing pump is horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump. Mainly by the cylinder, pump cover and the ring section pump core composition; pump installed in the cylinder core, the spit with the bolt end cap to close the pump on the cylinder, and spiral wound gasket seal. Letter from the body inhalation pump core, middle, guide vanes and rotor components. Thermal loading on the shaft and impeller to limit the axial ring.

          DM-and TDM-style pump inlet, outlet are vertically upward; DM type of foot support; TDM, TDMG type of center support.

DM, TDM, TDMG decoking pump high-pressure

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