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AY, AYP-type single and double two centrifugal pumps

AY, AYP-type single and double two centrifugal pumps



AY,AYP type petro pump series was designed based on old series Y-type petro pump, with following features:

● Baring body parts replaced former 35.50.60 bearings with 45.55.70, improving the reliability.

●Hydraulic flow component adopted hydraulic module from high efficiency power saving pump, thus would be 5~8% higher average efficiency than Y type petro pump.

●Considering succession, the structure, installation dimension and performance parameter remains same as Y type petro pump.

to facilitate the replacement of old equipment.

●High universality of spare parts . General parts would be common use for several series products.

●Refining selection of material, main parts uses II, Ⅲ category material. And bearing housing increased bearing steel, cast iron types, providing favorable conditions for cold areas, outdoors and marine using.

●According to the different temperature pump selection. There are three types cooling for bearing: air cooling, fan cooling and water cooling. Fan cooling is particularly suitable for water lacking or poor water quality area.

Performance range:

   Flow value Q = 2 5 ~ 600m³. / h

Head H: 30 ~330m

temperature t = -45 ~ +420℃

AY,AYP-type pumps can be used at petroleum refining production, petrochemical industry, transporting petro without Solid particle, liquefied petro gas and other medium.

Model Description

50AY (P)Ⅱ 60X2B

50 250: inlet diameter (mm)

A-first transformation, Y-centrifugal oil pump

Ⅱ,Ⅲ-material # of parts from flowing part:  Ⅰ: HT250, Ⅱ:ZG230-450,Ⅲ:ZG1CR13NI

60 150 single-stage Head(m)

BC-cutting number of impeller.

Structural features:

 AY-type oil pump includes single-stage single-suction type and two-stage single-suction cantilever type, single-stage two-suction cantilever type, single-stage two-suction and double-stage two-suction point-supporting type and two-stage one-suction point-supporting type.

AYP type petro pump, suction port in axial direction, exporting port is vertical direction. Only have single-stage single-suction and two-stage single-suction cantilever type.

By Shell radial subdivision, the way for installation is horizontal centerline supporting, thus especially suitable for high temperature and pressure as well as transportation of flammable, explosive or toxic liquids. The intake flange and output flange of pump was casted on pump, and both vertical upward. Axis cutting chamber (stuffing box) and the pump cover is cast body, it can be mounted and balanced packing seals, bellows type, tandem mechanical seals, seal dirt out there to choose water-cooled casting chamber jacket, water-cooled chamber The features must be highlighted the startling request or when the transmission medium is the water temperature exceeds66 ℃and carbon hydrogenation temperature more than 100 sets of objects with 20%.

Impeller cast as a whole, and by the static equilibrium. Depends on the impeller shaft to force the king to balance the balance of7L. Bearing body with a set of radial ball bearings and thrust ball bearings installed back to back, its rejection of the oil bearing ring oil lubrication, the bearing surface in vitro have cast heat sink for air-cooled (T <120%) but also the optional fan cooling (T: 1 20 ~ 260%) and water cooling (T:260 ℃a 420%).

In order to overhaul the pump without removing suction or discharge pipe prostrate eight very easy to split out the impeller, shaft, bearings, seals and other components, AY type oil pump using flexible 'IS diaphragm lengthened coupling components. 

AY, AYP-type single and double two centrifugal pumps

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