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DG-type high-pressure boiler feed pump

DG-type high-pressure boiler feed pump

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Type DG boiler feed pumps are used for feeding to middle and high pressure boiler or for pumping other high pressure clean water.

The highest applied temperature of middle pressure boiler feed pumps is up to105℃and one of high pressure boiler feed pumps is up to160℃。

Flow range:

32.4-155m³/hr(middle pressure pumps)

200-450m³/hr(high pressure pumps)

Total head range:

367-603m(middle pressure pumps)

1520-1975m(high pressure pumps)


DG pumps are single-casing,multi-stage centrifugal pump with ring section body.Suction nozzle of type DG 36-50 pump is arranged horizontally and discharge nozzle is arranged vertically up.Suction and discharge nozzles of other type pumps are arranged bertically up,Suction, middle stage and discharge casing are rigidly held together by tie bolts. The joints between these casing are sea led by means of metal-to-metal contact.Typy DG 36-50 pump and its motor have common baseplate, but other type DG pumps and motors don’t have common baseplate.

Shaft Sealing:

The shaft sealing of type DG400-180Cis mechanical seals;The shaft sealings of other type DG pumps are soft-packed stuffing boxed and cooled by cooling water. In the region of shaft sealing,the pump shaft is protected by renewable sleeve.

Supply range of complete Set:

Type DG boiler feed pumps are furnished completely with the motor,valve,accessories, spare parts and special hook spanners.

The accessories such as motor, base plate, valve, oil suppling stand etc. are furnished according to convention.

DG-type high-pressure boiler feed pump

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