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IS.IR single-stage centrifugal pump

IS.IR single-stage centrifugal pump

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  • Release date:2015/06/15
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IS, IR type single-stage centrifugal pump was designed according to performance and size required in internal standard ISO2858.


This series pump includes horizontal type, axial suction single stage,single suction volute centrifugal pump.

1, The standard of pump is ISO2858-1975(E)

2, Mechanical seal and so soft packing cavity size adopts ISO3069-1974(E)

3, Baseplate size adopts ISO2084.

4, Size of input and output port flange uses ISO2084.

5,Back door opening avoids disassemble system, means only disassemble rotation parts when maintenance.

6,output of pump and its pipeline in upwards of pump body, thus equal force for pump body, small vibration, low noise.

7, Two kinds of rated rotation. Allows speed increase and decrease when rotation number below 3300r/min.


Type IS,IR series pumps are used for pumping liquids containing no solid particles, and liquids whose physical property likes water. Applied in factory, mining, city water supply and drainage, farmland irrigation,heating and cooling ,supercharging system. Changing of material and standard matching or mechanical seaing accepted.

IS.IR single-stage centrifugal pump

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