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Do you know the type of pump selection?

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Do you know the type of pump selection?

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According to the technological process and the requirement of water supply and drainage, the selection of pump should be considered from five aspects, namely, the liquid delivery capacity, the device head, the liquid properties, pipeline layout and operation conditions.

Flow rate is one of the important performance data of water separation pump, which is directly related to the production capacity and transportation capacity of the whole plant. For example, the normal, small and big pumps can be calculated in the process design of the design institute. When choosing a pump, it is based on the large flow rate and takes into account the normal flow rate. In the absence of large flow rate, the normal flow rate of 1.1 times as large flow rate is usually taken.

The head required by the device system is another important performance data for pump selection. Generally, the type of pump is selected by enlarging the allowance of 5% - 10%.

Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties such as temperature C density d, viscosity u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, which involves the head of the system, the calculation of effective cavitation allowance and the type of suitable pump: chemical properties, mainly referring to the liquid medium. Chemical corrosion and toxicity are important basis for selecting pump material and selecting the type of shaft seal.

The pipeline layout conditions of the device system refer to the height of the liquid feeding, the distance of the liquid feeding, the direction of the liquid feeding, the data of suction, such as the liquid level on the side, the liquid level on the discharge side, and the pipe specifications and their length, material, pipe fittings specifications, quantity, etc., so as to calculate the head of the comb and check the cavitation allowance.

There are many operating conditions, such as liquid operation T saturated steam P, suction side pressure PS, discharge side pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature operation is gap or continuous, pump position is fixed or removable.

Replacement of seal ring: after long-term use in sewage media, the gap between impeller and seal ring may increase, resulting in the decline of pump flow and efficiency, should turn off the electric gate, lift the pump, remove the bottom cover, remove the seal ring, according to the actual size of the impeller ring seal ring, the gap is generally about 0.5mm.

When the submersible sewage pump is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and hoisted and placed in a ventilated and dry place. If placed in water, run at least 30min every 15 days (not dry grinding) to check its function and adaptability.

The cable should be inspected at least once a year. If it is damaged, please replace it.

Insulation and fastening screws should be checked at least once a year. If the insulation of the motor drops, please find someone to repair it. If the fastening screws are loose, please tighten them again.

An appropriate amount of oil has been injected into the non-blocking submersible sewage pump to lubricate the mechanical seal before leaving the factory. The oil should be checked annually. If there is water in the oil, it should be released, replace the oil, replace the gasket and tighten the plug. Three weeks later, it must be re-examined. If the oil is emulsified again, the mechanical seals should be inspected and replaced if necessary.

After the operation of the submersible sewage pump failures, please according to the given troubleshooting methods to eliminate, if still can not solve, can not determine the cause, do not disassemble repair, should immediately find a special person to repair.

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