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Caution when using magnetic pump!

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Caution when using magnetic pump!

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Points for attention when using magnetic pumps:

Prevent particles from entering:

Ferromagnetic impurities and particles are not allowed to enter the magnetic transmission and bearing friction pairs.

The medium which is easy to crystallize or precipitate should be washed in time (water should be poured into the pump cavity after stopping the pump and discharged clean after running for 1 minute) to ensure the service life of the sliding bearing.

When conveying medium containing solid particles, it should be filtered at the inlet of the pump pipe.

Prevent demagnetization

The magnetic moment can not be designed too small.

It should be operated under prescribed temperature conditions, and the temperature of medium should be strictly prohibited. The platinum resistance temperature sensor can be installed on the outer surface of the isolation sleeve of the magnetic pump to detect the temperature rise in the annulus area so as to alarm or stop the machine when the temperature exceeds the limit.

Preventing dry friction

No idling is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to evacuate the medium.

When the exit valve is closed, the continuous running time of the pump should not exceed 2 minutes to prevent the magnetic drive from overheating and failure.

It can not be used in systems with pressure.

Energy-saving: CFD is used to calculate fluid dynamics, and the relationship between pressure distribution and velocity distribution in Shenyang pump is analyzed and calculated. The design of pump runner is optimized to ensure that the pump has hydraulic profile and improve the efficiency of the pump.

Easy installation and maintenance: Vertical pipeline structure, pump inlet and outlet can be installed in any position and direction of the pipeline like a valve, installation and maintenance is extremely convenient.

Running smoothly and reliably: motor shaft and pump shaft are coaxial direct connection, high concentricity, running smoothly and reliably.

Stainless steel shaft sleeve: shaft seal position is relatively easy to be rusted, once the direct-connected pump shaft is rusted, easy to cause mechanical seal failure. The stainless steel sleeve is used here in STG pump to avoid rust, increase shaft life and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Bearing: In pump distribution machine, Y [Y2] 280 below the shaft extension end bearing [including Y 180 below the wind blade end bearing] using closed bearing, normal use, without motor bearing maintenance.

Seal: The base of mechanical seal is usually rubber bellows. The seal of traditional mechanical seal is changed from O-ring to two-way seal of rubber. The sealing effect is improved when the water medium is clean.

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