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Different pump Shenyang pump

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Different pump Shenyang pump

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The basic unit of the pump in Shenyang is the high-speed rotating impeller and the fixed snail shaped pump shell.. The impeller of a blade having a plurality of (usually 4 ~ 12) blades is fastened to the pump shaft and rotates with the pump shaft driven by the motor. The impeller is acting directly on the liquid inside the pump parts, centrifugal pump energy supply device. The suction pump shell and the central suction pipe is connected, the suction pipe is arranged at the bottom of the one-way valve. The discharge port of the pump casing is connected with the discharge pipe of the valve.

(1) bearings: bearing selection of cylindrical roller bearings with two angular contact bearings, using dilute oil lubrication, bearing capacity significantly improved. Bearing design life 25000 hours.

(2): seal sealing soft packing seal and mechanical optional.

(3) the coupling: the elastic pin coupling, the transmission accuracy is high.

(4) auxiliary piping: configure according to the API610 eighth edition.

(5) under pressure: the design pressure is 4.0MPa, the pressure is high.

Sewage pump can be divided into: liquid sewage pump, sewage pump, submersible sewage pump, vertical sewage pump, corrosion-resistant sewage pump, sewage pump, sewage pump, self suction pump.

Sewage pump type: PW type sewage pump and PWL type sewage pump.

PW type sewage pump used in the most common is the case of the pressure water chamber, including the submersible pump in the selection of the guide vane or runner type guide vane.

PWL type sewage pump impeller, pressure water chamber, sewage pump is the two core components. The performance of the merits and disadvantages, also on behalf of the merits of the pump performance. Shenyang pump

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