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Pump market potential power station pump

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Pump market potential power station pump

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Power station pump suction end of the valve is actually a check valve, which ensures flow only from a pool into the suction tube can not turn the clock back, so if the suction pipe full of water, despite the elevation axis pump the water level above the pool work, but because of the role of the suction end of the valve, the water suction tube can not flows into the pool, can enable the suction tube has been filled with water to ensure the pump can automatically and quickly start. The reliability of this absorption method by the influence of suction end of the valve quality, for example, close lax, leakage, water pipe of the water will slowly flow pool, a long time, no water suction tube, resulting in still water pump start need artificial irrigation.

This way is needed in a suction tank set the pump suction pipe, water pump in the first operation, artificial internal tank filled with water, the first time after stopping operation, because the water suction tank pipe tube is higher than the height of the water height, although the pool water level is lower than the tank water level, water tank can't go back, into the pool, so the water absorption can be stored, and because the water tank outlet pipe (i.e. pump suction pipe) tube height is lower than the height of the water, so it can ensure the pump suction tube filled with water, and then after the pump is running, the water tank is pumped away, there is negative pressure the tank, the water in the pool under the action of atmospheric pressure added to the water tank through the suction tank inside the pool

Fire pump as the name suggests, fire pump, according to the different classification, divided into different kinds of its sealed, no leakage, corrosion resistance, widely used in environmental protection, water treatment, fire and other departments for pumping all kinds of liquids, is created without leakage, no pollution of the workshop, civilized factory ideal pump with pump type of fire protection system for almost all the, just head and flow.

At present, the design of a single pump with the same type of centrifugal pump in a lot of working situations, the overall adaptability of the centrifugal pump is poor, the efficiency is not high. Recently the design trend of centrifugal pump is mainly designed for policy specific conditions, targeted relatively strong, relatively high efficiency of the design of centrifugal pump, the operation cost of the pump is relatively economical.

Predict that in the next few decades, China's power industry will develop at a higher speed. Feed water pump, booster pump, circulation pumps, condensate pumps, centrifugal except ash pump, reciprocating pumps ash fall, coupling, metering pump, such as the main pump is an important variety of demand about 3500-4200 and Taiwan. And the nuclear main pump, overriding pump, stop stack cooling pump, spray pump, boiler feed water pump metering pump, such as nuclear motor group with the demand volume of the pump is about 1400-1800. Future development of centrifugal pump industry is very gratifying.

Centrifugal pump application is very broad, like in many industries are useful to, such as chemical factory, mine, pharmaceutical factory, food factory needs to use it, it is the liquid from a local delivery to another local, this process is demand with centrifugal pump of, and the use of some centrifugal pumps is and the standby pump, like running water company using the centrifugal pump is not only the speed, power, it the same needs a few spare pump, the intention is to to guard against. Now the application of centrifugal pump is very extensive, the demand is endless. Power station pump

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