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Selection method of pump spiral pump for Shenyang pump

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Selection method of pump spiral pump for Shenyang pump

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Shenyang water pump G type screw pump because of its variable transmission, self-priming ability, can be reversed, can transport with characteristics of solid particles in the liquid, etc., in the sewage treatment plant, widely be used in the transportation of water, wet sludge and liquid flocculant. Screw pump selection should follow the economic, reasonable, reliable principle. If in selection and design consideration not week, will give future use, management, maintenance, trouble, so choose one according to the production of the actual needs, reasonable and reliable screw pump can to ensure smooth production, but also reduce the repair costs.

Selection of the screw pump speed

Screw pump flow and speed into a linear relationship, compared to the low speed of the screw pump, high speed of the screw pump although can increase the flow and head, but the power was increased, the high speed accelerated the wear between the rotor and the stator, will enable screw premature failure, and high speed screw pump fixed rotor length is very short, easy to wear, so as to shorten the service life of the screw pump.

Stepless speed reducer, or by institutions to reduce the speed, the survey speed to maintain at 300 per turn following a more reasonable range, compared with the high speed of the screw pump, the service life can be extended several times.

Quality of screw pump

Now the type of screw pump on the market more, relatively speaking, the import of the screw pump design is reasonable, sophisticated materials, but higher prices, services, and some are not in place, accessories high price, order cycle length may influence the production of normal operation. Most of the domestic production of generic imported products, product quality varies greatly, in the selection of the domestic production of products, in considering the price, choose low speed, long lead, high transmission capacity component material, rated long life products. Shenyang water pump

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