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Unfavorable factors for development of pump valve industry in power station

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Unfavorable factors for development of pump valve industry in power station

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Pump in recent years, the industry of our country is developing very quickly, bring new development opportunity for me valve industry. However, due to the global financial crisis and other factors, the development of our valve industry or some of the impact. In such an environment, our country valve enterprise need to eliminate backward production capacity, enhance the competitiveness of the market, expand the development of space.

From the point of view of the international environment, although the current export of China valve products added value is low, but valve manufacturers in China as long as the increase R & D efforts, develop high value products, then the export potential of this market is still very large.

During the 12th Five Year Plan, pump and valve industry development orientation for high-end, complete, headquarters economy and internationalization strategy, and put forward to the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, realize the high-end products accounted for more than 40% of the total valve output, complete enterprise output value accounts for 20% of the valve output development goals.

Although the domestic valve industry outlook is optimistic, but there are some adverse factors.

One is: steel as the raw material of the valve industry, the gradual increase in environmental pressures today, it is urgent restructuring. Iron and steel industry will face the risk of production cuts will lead to short-term steel prices, resulting in the cost of the valve industry, resulting in short-term price fluctuations in the valve industry. Therefore, the valve industry will be a greater impact.

Two is: in recent years, the valve industry in China is developing rapidly, not only the valve production level is greatly improved, the output also has a substantial increase. But the more awkward is that small and medium and private Valve Companies in the process of the process of growth is more, the proportion of the larger. And the large valve companies less, the domestic pump industry brand is not strong, the market less competitive. From the current situation of the development of the valve industry, the valve industry itself is also faced with the risk of eliminating backward production capacity.

Three is: in the financial crisis, the impact of steel, construction and the downstream industry, the market has shrunk dramatically, which is dependent on the development of these industries valve industry is undoubtedly a fatal blow. Although financial crisis in a certain extent of China's valve industry caused negative effects, but also makes the drawbacks within the valve industry has also exposed without, survival of the fittest in the market economic system, greatly improved. Power station pump

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