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Design of petrochemical pump impeller

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Design of petrochemical pump impeller

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Petrochemical pump Xiangdian energy-saving relying on Hunan Changsha Pump Works strong design strength on the need for energy saving pump ternary flow fixed formulation design. High efficiency and energy saving pump optimization using pump design of ternary flow theory and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) combined with computational fluid dynamics and optimization methods of technical route, from the consideration of hydraulic loss minimum and maximum efficiency and cavitation performance better start, to find the optimal combination of different flow and geometrical parameters.

Three yuan flow theory

Application of turbomachinery ternary flow theory, the impeller ternary stereoscopic space of infinitely divisible, through analysis of the impeller of the working point, to establish a complete, the mathematical model of fluid flow within the impeller of the real. On the basis of the theory of three dimensional flow design of blade shape irregular surface shape, the structure of the impeller blades can adapt to the fluid flow to control inside the impeller fluid particle velocity distribution. Therefore, the pump operating efficiency can be improved significantly by using three yuan flow theory..

Three flow impeller characteristics

Three yuan, meridional flow blade width, especially the hub reduction, flow capacity;

Three, the meridional channel impeller diameter reduced, while increasing the width of export;

Three yuan flow blade distortion is large;

- three yuan flow blade edge has been flowing imports, reducing the loss of imports, improve the cavitation performance;

, for medium and high speed by two single suction impeller combination of ternary flow impeller, adjacent blades interlocked structure is adopted, make water flow pulses down to lift the + 4 in 1000 less than, the waters flow more quietly, more efficient must NPSH lower.

Impeller seal ring parts design has special labyrinth structure, can reduce the seal ring gap, increase leakage resistance, reduce the volume loss, improve the efficiency of the pump.

Three flow impeller manufacturing process

In the medium and small three yuan impeller, the mould adopts metal mould, the mould adopts numerical control, and adopts resin sand precision casting.. Large three-dimensional flow impeller and blade blank by forging or casting, the impeller blade and the front cover are used for NC machining. After processing, the impeller with welding process. The blade profile of the three - element impeller is completely meet the design requirements, and the maximum of the pump can reduce the loss, impact and noise, improve the efficiency and reliability of the pump. Shi Huabeng

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Two-dimensional code

Two-dimensional code

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