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Pump industry to upgrade petrochemical pump

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Pump industry to upgrade petrochemical pump

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Petrochemical Pump in the production of chemical and petroleum enterprises, raw materials, semi-finished products are liquid, and semi-finished and finished products to raw materials, need to go through a complex process, as conveying a liquid or liquid booster pump machinery, pump in the process plays a liquid conveying and chemical reaction provides pressure and flow. Extensive application in the engineering process that China's pump industry technology development trend of more and more with the world technology development trend is consistent, in order to produce a more high value-added, more high-end products to meet the needs of the domestic industrial production.

However, with the development of the times, energy saving and emission reduction has become China economic development planning outline of the main content, especially for electric power, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, petroleum and chemical industry and water treatment industry category introduced more stringent emission reduction policy. As the power consumption of the pump, according to General Machinery Industry Association, its power consumption accounted for about 20% of the total national power, so, pump power promotion for energy-saving emission reduction of great significance.

It should be said, the advent of the Internet era, but also for the transformation of the traditional industry has brought opportunities. Wang Yongkang, China's industrial expert, said the industry transformation of the pump industry should start with product and marketing two aspects. On the one hand, increasing R & D investment contributes to the upgrading of the whole pump industry, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption and improving the working efficiency.. And in response to the needs of countries build a resource-saving society, photovoltaic pump has now become new research trend, using the sun and the sustainable energy, sunrise, sunset and interest, without personnel custody, without the public grid, independent operation, safe and reliable, now, photovoltaic water pump system is in electric electric solar energy Research Institute after PV power station (wind), building integrated photovoltaic photovoltaic lighting system another new energy application system.

On the other hand, network marketing in our country's traditional industry has gradually been the, we know, network marketing means the biggest advantage is to maximize the expand the market, with high efficiency and energy saving, promotion of products to the market by means of modern marketing, also have contributed to the healthy development of the pump industry. Mobile Internet mobile client, such as the ship with the pump, the fire pump launched, but also reflects the traditional industry with the times and the determination of the times and industrial upgrading.

A lot of things to the world that in the new era dominated by network technology, the traditional industry to break through the traditional mode of development, product quality and marketing of the dual upgrading, must absorb the most advanced scientific and technological means. Only the pulse of the times closely, continuous innovation, constantly exploring, in order to gain a better tomorrow. Shi Huabeng

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