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Submersible pump station

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Submersible pump station

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The motor of the pump impeller and the motor of the power station pump into the water pump, and there are two kinds of the pump in the water.. Deep well submersible pump through wells cable stretching into power supply to the motor, eliminating the long axis of the drive, therefore, the structure is compact, light weight, installation, use and convenient transfer, in the power supply area has the trend to replace the long axis of the deep well pumps, but on sediment concentration of wells and areas without power does not apply.

Dry (motors are sealed), semi dry (seal of the motor stator and rotor in water operation), oil filled (motor oil filled to prevent invasion of winding) and wet (motor internal water filling, the stator and rotor in water running) and other types of submersible pump motor. Three need to seal and the manufacturing requirement of the installation precision is high, so agricultural submersible electric pump is usually used wet motor, the stator winding using water insulated wire or in the end part of the stator winding and slot pouring of synthetic resin, water to enter the interior of the motor has little effect, sealing structure can be greatly simplified. The only requirement is sand.

Firstly, we analyze the several aspects of our disadvantage.. On the one hand, we have a big gap in the processing technology and foreign countries. Many Chinese companies are busy with production and marketing all day now, but seldom study on the technology, which caused the serious neglect of technology.. On the other hand, in the aspect of quality management and equipment, we also exist obvious shortcomings, domestic in quality management and many shortcomings, first of all in the process more or less ignored, a lot of enterprises clearly have the quality assurance system, practical work, but not useless, quality management to execute their own way, arbitrary; second in the assembly process is sloppy settles. In addition, the gap in process management, technological innovation capabilities is also worth our attention.

Valve: closed along the center of the seat to move; plug valves, ball valves, closure of the plunger or ball, rotating around its center line; valve: the closure of parts moving along the vertical center of the seat; check valve: closed parts around the valve axis of rotation. Butterfly valve: the disc, rotating around the valve seat. Power station pump

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