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Correct operation procedure of petrochemical pump

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Correct operation procedure of petrochemical pump

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Petrochemical Pump Starting:

1 close the pump outlet valve.

2 fully open pump inlet valve.

3 starting motor, observe whether the pump is running correctly.

4. Adjust the outlet valve opening to the desired condition, such as user at the outlet of the pump is equipped with flow meter and pressure table should be by adjusting the outlet valve opening the pump in performance parameters table listed the rated point operation, such as user at the outlet of the pump is not installed flow or pressure table, by adjusting the outlet valve opening; measurement of pump motor current, the motor running in rated current, otherwise it will cause pump overload (i.e. large operating current operation to to burn out the motor) just adjust the outlet valve open big and small and pipeline conditions related.

5 check the seal leakage, normal mechanical seal leakage should be less than 3 drops per minute.

6 check the motor, bearing temperature rise at less than 80. C.

A pump is a mechanical for conveying fluid or making a liquid booster.. It transmits the mechanical energy or other external energy of the original to the liquid, increasing the liquid energy.. Pump is mainly used to transport water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspension and liquid metal liquid, but also conveying fluid, gas mixture and liquid containing suspended solids. Pump can be divided into three types of pump, power type pump and other type pump according to working principle.. In addition to classification according to the principle of work, but also by other methods of classification and nomenclature. Such as according to the driving method can be divided into the electric pump and the turbine pump; according to the structure can be divided into single - stage pumps and multi-stage pump; according to use can be divided into the boiler feed pump and the metering pump; may divided into the pump, the oil pump and the mud pump according to the transportation properties of the liquid. In accordance with the structure of the shaft can be linear pump, and conventional pump.

Centrifugal pump starting, running, stopping three steps are important, but the most important thing is the adjustment of the export valve. If the ceiling on state, the outlet valve open degree is relatively large, if the state intrusion, outlet valve of a relatively small number. The working points of the outlet valve adjust the pump design point better, so that the actual flow state and theoretical design close to the pump, the operation efficiency is high, saving resources. Because the pump efficiency points are in the design point or design point, of course, the final or the current is not overloaded as the premise. Shi Huabeng

condensate pump

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