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The thrust device of condensate pump

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The thrust device of condensate pump

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The thrust device of condensate pump is composed of thrust bearing, bearing body, adjusting nut, etc.. The axial force of the pump is balanced by the balance drum and the remaining axial force is under the bearing by the thrust bearing.. If the axial force is subjected to the motor, there is no such part.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, at the installation of the condenser at the condensation level of at least 0 5---0.8m. This will cause a water column in the inlet of the formation of a necessary pressure caused by the formation of the water column, to prevent condensation of water in the inlet vaporization of the pump, to ensure the normal water pump. As the condensate level of the condenser is generally 0 meters below, so the condensate pump will be installed in the pit of the ground.

So the volute pump shell is not only a collection of liquid outflow from the impeller components, but also is an energy conversion device. When the liquid from the impeller center left periphery at the same time, the center of the impeller form a low pressure area and in the tank liquid level and the center of the impeller total potential difference, causing the liquid to be sucked into the center of the impeller. Depend on the continuous operation of the impeller, the liquid is continuously inhaled and discharged.. The mechanical energy of the liquid in the centrifugal pump is ultimately manifested as the increase of the pressure energy..

Heads of the shell is in a bowl shape shell or spiral shell, secondary and final shell is bowl shaped shell; pump shaft with radial bearing, rotor axial load can be borne by the pump itself thrust bearing, and can also be borne by the motor; shaft seals for packing seal or mechanical seal, pump rotor system with two shaft, the shaft is connected to the card ring cylinder type coupling, pump connected elastic column pin coupling or rigid coupling connection; inhalation and spit out the interface are respectively located in the pump barrel and spit out the seat, and a 180 DEG from the horizontal layout.

Through the analysis of the above information, we can preliminary master the condensation process of water pump work, but want to play out of condensate pump in the best working condition, only to master its principle of work is not enough. Whether the use of equipment can play its biggest work efficiency need to pay attention to all aspects, the actual production may also happen many accidents, which need the user more attentively. Condensate pump

condensate pump

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