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Photoelectric test of power station pump coupler

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Photoelectric test of power station pump coupler

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Power station pump 1 multimeter judge disconnect the power supply input end, measuring 1, pin 2 of the resistance R * 1K file, forward resistance for hundreds of Europe, reverse resistance tens of thousands of Europe. 3, 4 feet between resistance should is infinite. 1, 2, 4 feet and 3 feet between any group, the resistance is infinite, the input power is turned on, the resistance is very small, 4 foot 3. Adjust the RP, 3, 4 pin resistance changes, indicating that the device is good. Note: R x 10K file can not be used, otherwise cause the emitter tube breakdown.

The simple test circuit, when the power supply is switched on, LED does not light, press the sb, LED light adjusting RP, LED luminous intensity will change, that measured photoelectric coupler is good.

Or for the extension of the fiber optic link components, belonging to the field of optical passive components, in the telecommunications network, cable television networks, subscriber loop systems, regional networks will be applied to. Optical fiber coupler can be divided into standard coupler (belonging to the waveguide type, double branch, unit 1 x 2 will light signal into two power), direct coupler (two same or different types of optical fiber interface optical connections, to extend the fiber link), stellate / tree coupler, and wavelength multiplexer (WDM, if the wavelength is the separation of high density, namely wavelength spacing narrow, belonging to the DWDM), making way for a sintering (fuse), low light level learning (micro optics), optical waveguide (wave guide) three, and to burn the resultant method production accounted for the majority (about 90%). The breakthrough of high degree of polymerization and sintering process, the two optical fibers together to melt tension, the nuclear core together, to reach the light coupling effect, and one of the most important production equipment is the optical fiber fusion splicer, is one of the important steps, although an important step in part by machine OEM, but sintering, should detect package, so labor costs account for about 10 to 15%. Moreover, the artificial detection package shall be guaranteed quality consistency, which is the production that must be overcome, but technical difficulties not if DWDM module and optical active components, so early to enter the optical fiber industry manufacturers, most from the optical coupler, the gross profit in 20 ~ 30%.

Gear pumps, usually in an internal combustion engine or a motor rotates under the drive, blades driven oil, under the action of centrifugal force, the oil liquid was thrown to the pump impeller blade edge, due to the pump and the turbine wheel is equal to the radius of the, so when the rotating speed of the pump wheel is larger than the rotational speed of the turbine, pump round the outer edge of the blade of the hydraulic greater than along the outer edge of the turbine blade hydraulic, due to the impact of liquid turbine blades of pressure difference, when sufficient to overcome the resistance makes the turbine began to turn, that is, will pass kinetic energy to the turbine, the turbine and the pump wheel rotate in the same direction. Fluid kinetic energy after falling from the turbine blade edge and flow back to the pump wheel, forming a loop, the flow route as an end-to-end annular helix. Hydraulic coupler relies on the change of moment of moment of the blade of the pump wheel and the turbine blade to transmit torque.. The output (turbo) torque of the impeller is equal to the torque of the input (pump wheel) when the wind loss and other mechanical losses of the impeller are neglected.. Power station pump

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